Some reviews of Sean's work!


Since 2005 (when we met in Germany) Sean Chubbuck has been helping us with our computers:
- building a customized PC to meet our personal wishes
- advising in acquiring laptops
- solving problems, i.e. repair, maintenance either in person
- and also by phone or screen-sharing, after his return to Canada in 2009.

For 15 years he continued motivating us by:
- unfailing patience and helpfulness
- plausible and convincing explanations
- encouragement to increase our self-reliance in the use of computers
- the ability challenging us to work independently and solve problems on our own as far/much as possible

Sean’s special gift is to work with aging citizens. I am 68 by now – and he managed to make me change the hard drive???? of my laptop via Skype …


When I put my first computer together a few years ago, I had no idea how it worked. I was very grateful that Sean helped me with this. He knew exactly which components fit together and what to watch out for when putting them together. He has a great technical understanding and is always up to date.
My computer is still running perfectly today. I can only recommend him in such matters


While watching me struggle with my slow laptop, Sean suggested that replacing the hard drive would significantly improve my laptop's speed and function. Within a few days, Sean had replaced the hard drive, worked through a few other issues and returned it to me. Very satisfied with Sean's ability to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and thoroughly.


Hello! As someone who struggles with computers I was always grateful for the many times Sean got my computer back into shape. Each time my computer would run much faster again. ;) Sean is very knowledgable with regards to all types of up-to-date software on the market and has installed them on my computer. When my computer finally broke down beyond repair, Sean competently advised me as I purchased a new laptop that was suitable for my requirements and got me the best bang-for-my-buck!


Sean is a very talented computer hardcore, and he has his roots in customer service. When I left my refusing-to-work computer baby with him, I knew it was in a good hands. He has the right tools, skills and patience to get the work done and make the clients happy.